ジム・オルーク、『Simple Songs』全曲LIVEの貴重な映像が公開!

Jim O'Rourke. An amazing video experience of all songs from "Simple Songs" performed live!

昨年10月、ジム・オルークが2日間にわたって開催したコンサート「two sides to every story」の映像が、スペースシャワーTV DAXのYouTubeチャンネルで公開された。

会場は赤坂・草月ホール。世界初公開のString Quartetや、1997年の『Bad Timing』全曲ライヴなど4つのプログラムで構成されたコンサートとなり、今回ご紹介するのは10月24日(土)の初日・第2部『Simple Songs』(2015年)の全曲ライヴでの模様だ。ジムにとって13年半ぶりとなるヴォーカル・アルバムであり、最高傑作との呼び声も高いその世界観を、石橋英子(Key,P)や山本達久(Ds)といったお馴染みのメンバーの演奏で堪能できる貴重な一夜とあって、チケットは早々とソールド・アウト。ではさっそく、当日のハイライトとなった3曲のライヴ映像をご覧いただこう。

Video from Jim O'Rourke's two-day "Two Sides to Every Story" concert last October is now available on the Space Shower TV DAX YouTube channel.

The venue is Sogetsu Hall in Akasaka. The concert features four programs, including a string quartet in their worldwide debut and a live performance of all the songs from "Bad Timing" (1997), and now we bring you the second program from the first day of the concert, Saturday, October 24, a live performance of all the songs from "Simple Songs" (2015). Jim's first vocal album in 13 years, the album is globally famous and known by many as his greatest masterpiece, and the performance, an amazing night including performances by familiar artists such as Eiko Ishibashi (Key,P) and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (Ds), sold out almost immediately. Let's take a look at today's highlight: Videos of three live pieces.

▶ Jim O'Rourke - Hotel Blue @ Two Sides to Every Story: Sogetsu Hall

故・若松孝二監督の映画『海燕ホテル・ブルー』(2012年)のために書き下ろした楽曲を、『Simple Songs』収録にあたってアレンジしたナンバー。ストリングスの流麗なメロディと、ジムのエモーショナルな歌声がぶつかる様は圧巻だ。

This number, originally a play version written for the movie "Kaien Hotel in Blue," directed by the late Koji Wakamatsu, was given an arrangement and recorded for Simple Songs. The flowing melody of the strings mixed with Jim's emotional singing is truly incredible.

▶ Jim O'Rourke - Last Year @ Two Sides to Every Story: Sogetsu Hall


Deeply familiar to fans, this song was also performed many times as an instrumental version at "Jim Rourke with Geigai" and other concerts. Derek Baily, as his guitarist--loved even by Led Zeppelin--makes a full showing of his amazing skill.

▶ Jim O'Rourke - Therefore I Am @ Two Sides to Every Story: Sogetsu Hall

アンコールで披露され、この日最大のサプライズとなったのが、『Insignificance』(2001年)収録のこの名曲。アメリカ時代のジム・オルーク・バンドのリズム隊だったウィルコのグレン・コッチェ(Dr)と、USのアヴァン・ロックを牽引するダーリン・グレイ(B)、2人の豪華ゲストを迎えたパフォーマンスにはオルタナ・ファンならずとも歓喜の声を上げ、終演後のSNSでも話題騒然となった。ちなみに、ダーリンは翌日のJazz Trio and Big Bandセットにも登場。

Performed as an encore piece, the biggest surprise of the day was this piece, recorded for "Insignificance" (2001). The performance features two incredible guests, Glenn Kotche (drums), who was in Jim O'Rourke's rhythm section during his days in the US and who is also active as a member of Wilco, and American Darin Gray (bass), a leader in the experimental rock scene, garnering rave reviews even from non-fans of alternative rock and becoming a hot topic on social networks after the concert. By the way, Darin also performed the following day in the Jazz Trio and Big Band set.

【Saturday, October 24: "Simple Songs" Live Performance Set List】
01. Friends With Benefits
02. That Weekend
03. Half Life Crisis
04. Hotel Blue
05. These Hands
06. Last Year
07. End Of The Road
08. All Your Love
En. Therefore,I Am (with Darin Gray, Glenn Kotche)

ジム・オルーク、『Simple Songs』全曲LIVEの貴重な映像が公開!